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New user onboarding

Here you will find instructions on how to add a new user and set up their user settings.

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New user onboarding is one of the most frequently asked questions in Timma's customer support. We have gathered here all the necessary information on how to set up a new user and its settings from quick setup to more thorough step by step guide.

Quick setup

Here are the steps for quickly adding a user:

  1. To create user go to Company > Users

  2. To add worktimes go to Profile > Worktimes

  3. To select user services go to Services > User services

  4. If you use pin codes add pin code under Company > Users

  5. Set Marketplace ( / / / / & Timma app) settings on both in Profile and Company -page.

Note that if the user is a rental chair, or not part of the salon cash register either select that cash register from the list, or add a new one under Profile > User information > Cash register.

Creating a new user

To create new users go to Company > Users -page. Only admin users can create new users.

  • Users are added through the + icon in the upper right.

  • Note that users can only be added by admin users.

  • Note that a user cannot have the same e-mail adress as another user. If a user has an account in two different salons, they must have a different e-mail adress in each salon.

  • Fill in the necessary information in the boxes and then press "save".

Billing information depends on current billing and what has been agreed upon inside the salon.

The most common alternatives are “Based on current billing”, “Company pays monthly subscription” or “User pays own monthly subscription”.

We recommend setting the billing interval to “Based on current billings” unless the User pays their own invoice and wants to use a specific interval.

When adding a user the default price is already active and it is possible to select cashier and SMS reminders. Ask our Customer Happiness team for more information about the country-specific pricing.

Choosing user settings

To set user settings go to Profile > Information.

User information

You can modify User information from the Profile page. Fill in all the mandatory contact information under the User information section (Name, Phone, and E-mail).

Contact details are not visible to customers - only Timma. Description, Title and Nickname are visible to your customers in online booking and Timma’s marketplace.

Set up your Business ID and select a matching cash register if you are working as a rental chair, or not part of the salon’s cash register.


A new User is automatically visible in the Marketplace. You can remove yourself from it, if you don't want to be visible on the marketplace ( / / / / & Timma app) by selecting the following setting in Profile > Information > Marketplace.

Read more about the Marketplace and Marketplace commission.

If you are visible on the Marketplace and want to receive prepayments from the Marketplace to your account, go to Profile > Information - and add your business ID and account number (there can be country-specific differencies).

Additional settings

Choose user specific settings from additional settings section.

Time magnet explained

Time magnets limit the available times that your customer can book from your online booking. It helps you to reduce gaps during workdays and make your time management more efficient. There are three time magnets to choose from:

Timemagnet (light) allows online booking next to existing reservation or next to start or end of a workday if the timespan is less than 4 hours.

Timemagnet (medium) allows online booking for the days with existing reservations only for times next to existing reservation or next to start or end of workday.

Timemagnet (strict) allows online booking for the days with existing reservations only for times next to existing reservation.


Users can set work times in the Profile > Worktimes automatically or manually in Calendar.

  1. To set up automatic worktimes, start by defining your default working hours for Monday to Sunday. You can activate a specific weekday by clicking the button with abbreviation of the week day.

  2. Select “Create automatically new worktimes” and choose how long ahead you want your online booking to be open. Note that automatic worktimes only works if your schedule is the same every week.

  3. The dates in “Set worktimes” are automatically showing the correct dates according to the time period selected for online booking to be open. To set the automatic worktimes, you just need to press save. You can also set up sick leaves, holidays or remove work times for any selected time period by changing the type from “Select type of period”.

  4. To set a schedule where every second week, odd, or even weeks are different select save times and choose the alternative

Example: You work Monday to Thursday on even weeks and Tuesday to Friday on odd weeks.

  1. Set Default working hours for even week and save

  2. Go to Set worktimes, select even weeks for Save times for box and save

  1. Set Default working hours for odd week and save

  2. Go to Set worktimes, select odd weeks for Save times for box and save

Always remember to save after each step!

Rental chairs

Adding a rental chair is the same process as adding a normal user except you have to add their Business ID under Profile, and select the correct Cash register for them.

Setting up User services

When profile settings and work times have been set, it’s time to select services for the new user.

Go to Services > User services. Services need to be added to Services > Pricelist beforehand. Read more about how to add services to Pricelist.

Select services to user by clicking “In use” to all wanted services. Services are automatically added for online booking as well.

After activating services, you can change duration and price if needed.

Marketplace settings

Timma Marketplace ( / / / / & Timma app) is the easiest way to boost your salon and find new potential customers and make them your new regulars. and Timma app connects both salons and customers who are looking to book a time into one place.

Marketplace shows all the times that are available in your calendar and you have chosen from the User services. You can decide whether you want to sell available times for full price or you can set a discount for 1-5 days.

In our commission model we charge 15% from the service when the customers finds your salon through Timma's Marketplace or Timma app. You won’t pay anything at all when the customer comes back, finds your salon from Google, books time two weeks ahead or if the client is already registered in your client list. With Timma, it is now easier for you to turn first-timers into loyal clients. Read more about the commission model here.

Just like before, you never pay any commission when a client books through your web reservation or the salon's Marketplace salon page link found on the Company-page on Timma Pro.


If you want to be shown on the Marketplace all you have to do is to check these easy steps:

  1. Go to Company > Information > Marketplace settings

Check that the setting Show salon on the Marketplace is on.

2. Go to Profile > Information > Marketplace

Check that the setting Show this user in the Marketplace is on.


You can set the discounts for 1-5 days in More > Marketplace > Discounts.

Read more about setting last minute times and off-peak-times here.

Hurray! 🙌🏻 New user and the necessary settings have now been set! 🤩

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