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Marketplace commission explained
Marketplace commission explained
What is Marketplace commission and how does it work?
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Timma’s Marketplace is the easiest way for you to market your salon. It helps you to gain more visibility for your business and to connect you with clients looking to book hair, beauty, and wellness services in your area.

For us to be able to market your salon on our marketplace and elsewhere, we’ve created a fair commission model for marketplace bookings.

1. Our fair commission model

Our fair commission model

We never charge a Marketplace commission when

🚫 The customer is registered in your salon’s customer register

🚫 A new customer books a time to your salon through the link on your social media

🚫 A new customer finds your Marketplace profile via Google or other search engines

🚫 The customer directly searches your salon name using the marketplace search bar

🚫 The booking is made more than two weeks away

The only time we charge a commission is when

✅ We bring you a new customer, who finds your salon from or Timma mobile app marketplace

With Timma, the only time you pay commission is when we bring a new client to your salon for the first time from the marketplace. For these brand new clients, we charge a 15% commission fee, but you won’t pay anything at all when the customer comes back, or if the client is already registered in your client list. With Timma, it is now easier for you to turn first-timers into loyal clients.

Just like before, you never pay any commission when a client books through your web reservation or the salon's Marketplace salon page link found on the Company page on Timma Pro.

By new client we mean a client who has not previously been registered in your client register or who hasn't booked any of your services in the last three years.

🚨 If you need to make changes to an existing marketplace booking, edit the booking at checkout, instead of deleting it. In the future, we will charge a commission of Marketplace bookings removed by the salon without a valid reason. If you are unable to handle the appointment, for example, due to an illness or the customer didn't show up, let us know and we will refund the commission!

Invoicing of the Marketplace commission

The commission billing interval is once a month and invoicing works the same way as other Timma Pro invoices.

By default the payer of the commission is the same as the payer of Timma Pro invoice. The administrator of the Timma Pro account can choose a different payer for the commission by changing the settings on the Marketplace user page.

How to change the commission payer

Go to More > Marketplace > User settings > Commission

Unlock the selection by clicking the lock icon, scroll users and select the payer for the commission. Remember to save changes.

The commission you pay goes back into marketing, boosting more people to book services through the marketplace. The choice is always yours! You can decide at any time if you want your salon to be visible on the marketplace or only use your own web reservation.

Every day, thousands of people are looking to book a time on Timma’s marketplace. Our goal is to bring more clients to the marketplace and help your business grow!✨

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