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Q: What do I need to do to activate the Marketplace?

A: Your salon will be shown automatically in the Marketplace if you haven’t hidden it.

Although we recommend you to check these settings:

  1. Check that your bank account number has been set to either Company-page or Profile. See more information here.

  2. Select the commission invoice payer. Default setting is that the payer is the same as the Timma’s monthly invoice payer. See instructions here.

  3. You can activate the prepayments in Company-page if you want to. Go to Company > Information > Marketplace settings.

Q: How do I remove my salon from marketplace?

A: If you want to hide your salon go to Company > Information > Marketplace settings.

Uncheck the "Show your salon on the Marketplace" box and save your selection by clicking "save changes" in the bottom right corner.

In case you want to hide a single user from Marketplace go to Profile > Information > Marketplace.

Unselect "Show user in the Marketplace" box and save the changes.

Read more from the article.

Q: When does Timma charge the commission?

A: With Timma, the only time you pay commission is when we bring a new client to your salon for the first time from the marketplace. For these brand new clients, we charge a 15% commission fee, but you won’t pay anything at all when the customer comes back, or if the client is already registered in your client list. With Timma, it is now easier for you to turn first-timers into loyal clients.

Just like before, you never pay any commission when a client books through your web reservation or the salon's Marketplace salon page link found on the Company page on Timma Pro.

By new client we mean a client who has not previously been registered in your client register or who hasn't booked any of your services in the last three years.

Commission invoice is sent every beginning of the month.

You can read more about commission here.

Q: How do I know if the reservation has been made from the Marketplace?

A: Price Tag symbol means that reservation is made from Marketplace. See the booking information and price by clicking the booking.

If the reservation is paid in advance you can see the-symbol in the reservation. By clicking the booking you can see the receipt.

💡 Note that the price tag symbol does not show if commission has been charged from you. The charged commissions you have to check from More > Marketplace > Marketplace statistics > New customers under the commission.

Q: What is Timma credit?

A: Timma Credit is a balance and payment method that your customers can use to pay for services available on the Marketplace. One Timma credit = 1 €.

The amount of Timma credit used at the payment stage will be deducted from the price of the service, online or at the salon. Timma credit will be paid back to your salon every month.

We want to spread the word of Timma with the help of Timma Credits and campaign codes, so you can get more customers to your salon!

Q: How do I know if customer has paid with Timma credit?

A: When clicking the reservation with price tag symbol on it you can see the Summary that will show how much is paid in advance with Timma credit.

Q: When will Timma pay my prepayments and Timma credit?

A: Please contact the Customer Happiness team for more information.

Q: Why are my services not showing in the Marketplace?

A: Most common reason is that you need to name your services a bit differently. By naming your services with simple service names you can ensure that your customers can find all the services through the marketplace quick search and category search.

Read more about editing your service names here.

If all the service names are correct check also these few steps:

1. Check that your salon or user is showing in the Marketplace. (Company > Information > Marketplace settings or Profile > Information > Marketplace)

2. Check from Profile > Information that your user is not hided from online booking.

3. Check all your services have prices in the Pricelist and in the User services. Services with no price are not shown in the Marketplace.

In case you are still not showing please contact our Customer Happiness team! 💎

Q: Why can't the marketplace services be the same as in our salon?

A: The purpose of Marketplace is that consumers can book their time as easily as possible so the services need to be easily comparable for them. If a customer goes specifically to your salon’s Marketplace page they can see all the services you offer.

Q: Is it possible to move my ratings from another booking system to the Timma Marketplace?

A: Yes, contact Customer Happiness team for help on that.

Q: How to add pictures to the Marketplace profile?

A: Go to Company > Information > Photos.

You can download maximum of 5 pictures whic will be shown in your Marketplace profile. First picture is the main photo.

Note! The images must be in a horizontal angle so that they are positioned correctly on the Marketplace.

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