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What to do if a customer does not show up?
What to do if a customer does not show up?

In this article you will learn what to do if a customer does not show up for their booked appointment.

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Any potential refunds and invoicing for unused times must be handled always between the salon and the customer. Timma does not send an invoice or collect the sum from the customer, if the customer does not arrive for the booked time. In these cases the salon should always follow their own cancellation policy.

You can update your salon’s cancellation policy in Company > Information > Cancellation terms. Cancellation terms are visible to customers in the confirmation email.

Commission is not billed for an unused marketplace booking as long as the booking is removed from the calendar according to the instructions. You can see the sum of commission from More > Marketplace > Statistics > New customers under the commission. You can read more about commission here.

Booking paid in the salon

If the marketplace booking is not paid in advance and the customer does not arrive for scheduled time the booking must be removed from the calendar to cancel the possible commission.

  1. Open the booking

  2. Select “Remove”. The system will ask for a reason for the removal. Select “Customer did not show up” and possible commission is not billed.

You can create an invoice for the unused booking based on your salon’s cancellation policy. It is possible to create the invoice in the Calendar view if you are using the cash register in Timma.

How to make an invoice:

  1. Click the cash register button in the Calendar page and select “Checkout with customer”.

  2. Search the customer’s information and continue to checkout. The customer card is saved in Timma although the booking has been removed from the calendar. Note! We do not recommend making the invoice straight from the Marketplace booking because then you can’t give any discount and the possible commission will be billed.

  3. Search for the right service and edit the price if you need to based on your salon’s own cancellation policy. Select “Invoice” as a payment method and then you can choose the due date, reference number and write an optional message. Then click “Confirm”.

  4. Send the invoice to the customer via email or SMS.

Note! Timma does not collect the invoices if they are left unpaid. In a situation like this we recommend you to contact a collection agency.

Prepaid booking

If a booking has been paid in advance via the Marketplace or the salon’s own online booking the salon can refund the whole sum, make a partial refund or not refund at all. This is based on the salon’s cancellation policy. If the sum has already been paid to the salon and a refund is made, then Timma automatically reduces this sum from the next payment to the salon.

  1. Open the booking/receipt from Calendar or Revenues > Revenues page.

  2. Click “Refund payment”. The credit receipt will appear to the same view. You can send the receipt for the customer via email or SMS.

  3. You can delete the reservation from the calendar if you want by clicking Information > Delete. This is not necessary with prepaid Marketplace bookings because the commission is removed automatically when making the refund. Please note that deleting the booking alone does not make the refund!

Note! Refunds should be during the same month. Please contact our customer support if the month has already changed so we can make the refund afterwards.

Booking paid with Timma credit

If a customer has paid only a partial amount with Timma credit it will be returned for the customer automatically when the booking is removed from the Calendar.

  1. Open the booking.

  2. Select “Remove”. The system will ask for a reason for the removal. Select “Customer did not show up”.

  3. Timma credit will be returned automatically for the customer.

If the booking was paid completely with Timma credits take the same steps as with a prepaid booking.

Mandatory prepayment and other online booking settings

If customers are ever so often not showing up for their booked times we recommend considering mandatory prepayment in the Marketplace as well as in your salon’s online booking page.

Mandatory marketplace prepayment can be set in Company > Information > Marketplace Settings > Require payment in advance for the Marketplace bookings.

The mandatory prepayment for online booking can be activated in Company > Web payments > Require customers to pay in advance for Online bookings. This setting also requires a contract with the service provider Stripe.

If you suspect that customers are making bookings with fake information it is possible to ask their address in the salon's online booking. Other than that you can require a client verification via SMS. With this setting active all the new customers will be sent a code via SMS which they must then enter in the online booking view to complete the booking. This way we can ensure that the phone number is not fake. These settings must be set by Timma so please contact our Customer Happiness Team if you wish to have these features on.

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