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Identification process (KYC)
Identification process (KYC)

What needs to be done in know-your-customer step with Timma Pay

Written by Osmo Maksimainen
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Identification process (KYC = know-your-customer) is a mandatory step because of the regulations. Payment service providers (PSP) need to verify the company who they are working with. For Timma Pay the identification is handled via our partner Adyen's Hosted Onboarding Page and you can access it from the Timma Pay -page in Timma Pro.

The easiest way to upload documents is to access the page with your mobile device as you can upload photos directly from your mobile device’s camera. Before you start this step, please make sure that you have following documents ready:

  • The company registration document

  • Bank statement or screenshot of your online bank (This must show bank logo or name, account owner which must be either your business or yourself and account number)

  • ID (any official card or document with your name and photograph on it)

Please also be aware that uploading documents might take some time so don't rush with this step.

The steps are:

Timma's customer service will monitor this process and we'll be in touch with you if there are any issues during this identification process. After this process has been completed, we will send you an email with instructions how to active your account.

If you have ordered a terminal you will get an email when the terminal has been shipped.

After you have clicked the button, you will be redirected to the HOP-page automatically.

Your information should be pre-filled here already. Please check the information and let us know if something is not correct.

You are required to provide the documents for each section. You can open each section by clicking the box under the description. If the section is waiting for a document, you can upload the document directly by clicking on the “Upload a document” button.

Company details

Please check that your information is correct and if they are, press next.

Choose the address where your business is registered at. You can use the search address bar to search for the address. It will automatically fill in the Street, house number, city and postal code. You may edit these.

You are asked if there is an additional address where you actually operate. Select “No” to this and press “Next”

You will be shown the full list of your business information. Do the last check of these. After this, you need to upload a picture or pdf of your trade register extract.

Upload a picture or pdf of your company document.

The company registration document must be:

  • Issued by a reliable, independent source such as the national commercial register of the country where the business is registered in.

  • Issued within the last one year, or contains a signature and a state of affairs with the date not older than one year.

Owner details

Please check your details and add missing information if there are any (most likely date of birth) has not been filled)

Please fill in your address details.

After filling in your address, you need to upload a picture of your ID. Passport, ID Card or driver's license can be used.

The requirements for ID document are following:

  • Non-expired

  • In color (no black/white)

  • Have the MRZ (passport barcode) visible (if available, applies to passports).

  • Have separate files for front and back of the ID document (only when providing an ID card or driver's license).


ID Card

Driver’s license

Bank details

Please check your bank details.

Upload a picture of your bank details. Please see below for more information on what is required.

The proof of bank account can be any of the following:

  • Bank statements

  • Deposit tickets or deposit forms

  • Screenshots of your online banking environment

  • Official emails or letters from their bank

  • Cheques

The proof of bank account must have:

  • The account holder name. This must match the legal business name, trading (doing business as) name, or the name of the individual conducting business with Adyen, which you set when creating an account holder.

  • The account number or IBAN.

  • The date of issuance, which must be less than 12 months ago. This requirement applies to all types of documents except for RIBs or cheques.

  • The country where the bank account is located. For EU bank statements, Adyen infers the country from the IBAN.

  • An indicator that the document was issued by a bank, such as a bank logo or a bank-specific font.

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