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How to ensure you are visible in the Marketplace
How to ensure you are visible in the Marketplace
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Timma Marketplace is (.se and .no), or the Timma app used to show your available times automatically to thousands of potential customers looking for the service you provide or a new favorite salon. There are a few settings that are important to check if you want to be visible on the Marketplace, so that potential customers can find your services and your salon.

Company settings

Marketplace settings

The “Show salon on the Marketplace” setting should be on for your salon to be visible.

Go to Company > Information > Marketplace settings and select Show salon on the Marketplace. Remember to press Save changes.

Salon address

Ensure that you have set address, postal code, and city in Company > Information > Contact details. If an address has not been set or it is spelled wrongly, then your salon won’t be visible in the map search.

Profile page settings

Make sure that Show this user in the Marketplace is selected under Profile > Information > Marketplace.

The Marketplace setting is personal, so users that don’t want to be shown can be hidden from the Marketplace.

💡 Note! The visibility of students and trainees is limited. A user marked as a student or trainee can’t be found via the map search, but can be found on the Marketplace salon page, if there is another user offering the service that is not a student.

The student option can be found under Profile > Information > Additional settings.

Ensure services are visible

Naming of the services

There are two simple ways of searching for services on the Marketplace: quick search and category search. You can ensure that customers find you by naming your services with simple and easy names. A service name should match the existing ones in the service tree for your salon to be found in the Marketplace for both quick searches and category searches.

You can check this from Services > Pricelist. The green checkmark indicates that the service can be found through quick and category search.

If the green checkmark is missing, then you can edit the service to match a service in the service tree. Thus the spelling and order are important regarding the visibility of services. For example Spa Facial can’t be be found through the Markeplace search, but by using the keyword facial

You can edit the service in this way:

For example Brow lift deluxe can't be found through the Marketplace quick search, but by naming the service with the keyword "brow lift" instead you can get it visible in the quick search and category search. Do the following to edit the service:

  1. Edit the service by selecting the pen icon.

  2. Select Quick search help.

  3. Select the option that best matches your service from the category, in this case brow lift. You can suggest a new service with Suggest a service, if you can’t find a suitable option. Our development team handles all service suggestions, and we add new services when there are enough service providers, or we notice consumers searching for them with specific names.

  4. It is now possible to find the service. Always remember to press Save.

Price of the service

The goal of the Marketplace is to be a transparent and reliable platform to customer using it. On the Marketplace customers commit to the price they see. A service will not be visible if the price of the service is 0€ or missing completely.

The price of the service should be visible both in the pricelist, as well as in user services

Go to Services > Pricelist. Check that all services have a default price.

Users can have different prices from each other, as well as prices differing from the standard price of the salon. Check that under Services > User services all services have a price.

Check the calendar and worktimes

It is also important to check your calendar and worktimes. Make sure that your worktimes are open for the days you want customers to find you. All services and available times are automatically visible on the Marketplace, so you don’t have to separately open times for the Marketplace.

Create an enticing profile

What your salon looks like in Timma can make a big difference in the amount of bookings made by customers. A stylish profile helps you stand out.

Good quality pictures are of particular importance, good reviews, and lastly detailed information on the services offered by your salon. Salons like these get more bookings than average in Timma. 💰

You can read more on this in our article How to create an outstanding profile on Timma marketplace.

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