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Naming services on the marketplace
Naming services on the marketplace

Simple instructions to increase the visibility of your services on the marketplace 💥

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Timma's marketplace is the easiest way to market your salon to the people in your area.

All the services found in your online booking can now be booked through the marketplace as well! ✨

By naming your services with simple service names you can ensure that your customers can find all the services through the marketplace quick search and category search.

Read more about naming your services on the marketplace or navigate directly to the topic you are interested in.

Quick search and category search explained

There are two simple ways to search for services on the marketplace, quick search and category search. These search methods will help your customers to find the right service for their needs.

What is a quick search?

Quick Search is a search function that allows customers to easily search for services or a specific salon directly by its name.

Once the keyword is typed in the search box, the marketplace will automatically show all the salons offering that service.

Quick Search identifies keywords and suggests services that include that keyword.

What is a category search?

Category search allows customers to browse different service categories and see all the services and salons that offer treatments in that category.


Choose Hair > Coloring > Long hair

The marketplace shows all the salons on a map that offer the chosen service.

Naming the services on the marketplace

Name the services with short and simple names to ensure that your customers will find the service they are looking for. Clearly named services are visible in both, quick search and category search and are easy to book on the marketplace.

Naming the services

Name the services with simple keywords. For example, “deep moisturizing facial” can’t be found through the quick search, but naming the service after the keyword “facial” to “facial deep moisturizing” will make the service visible in both quick search and category search.

Go to Services > Price list

You can create a new service name by clicking "Create New Service" button or rename an existing service by selecting the "Edit Service" button on the right.

The green mark ✅ after the service name indicates that the service can be found on the marketplace through both quick search and category search.

If you want to name the service with a more specific name, you can add words after the service name that contains the keyword.

E.g. Facial Gua Sha

The green mark ✅ indicates that your service is searchable and visible in quick search and category search!

Get help naming the services

If you can’t find a matching name for your service, you can get help in naming the service by clicking the "Quick search help".

Narrow down the service categories until you find a name that matches your service!

Visibility of the services on the marketplace

Make sure your services are visible on the marketplace by checking the services on marketplace settings.

All services followed by a green mark ✅ can be found on the marketplace with marketplace search functions!

Go to Services > Price list

🚨 All the services that doesn’t have the green mark ✅ are not visible on the marketplace quick search or category search, but can be found on the salon's own marketplace page.

Remember to mark the price of the service in order to have your services appear on the marketplace map!

Suggest a new service name

In case you can’t find a suitable name for your service with the Quick Search help service and you want the service name to be found through the marketplace search functions, you can suggest a new name by clicking the "Suggest a service" button.

Go to Services > Service List > Create New Service > Quick Search Help > Suggest Service

Great job!💫 Now you know everything about how to add your services to the marketplace and can reap all the benefits of letting us take care of the marketing! 💕

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