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Timma's Marketplace is the easiest way to market your salon and to connect with clients looking to book for hair, beauty and wellness services. On the Marketplace customers can see their booking history, create and read reviews and make bookings to your salon without having to fill in all their information again.

By sharing the link to your Marketplace Salon page you can ensure easy bookings for your customers. You also never have to pay any commission when a customer books through your Online booking or the Marketplace salon page!

See the instructions below on how to copy and use the Marketplace salon page

How to link your Marketplace salon page to your social media channels

There is two ways to copy the link to your Marketplace salon page. You can copy the link straight from the Marketplace (Timma.no) or from your Timma Pro, under the Company Information.

Go to Timma.no Marketplace and go to your salon's profile page

Copy the link from the address bar of your Marketplace salon page profile.


Go to Company > Information > Marketplace salon page

Copy the link to your Marketplace salon page from the box and link it to you social media channels.

Link your Marketplace salon page to your social media like this

The link takes your customers straight to your salon's profile page on the Marketplace.

The difference between Marketplace salon page and Online booking

The difference between the Marketplace salon page and the salon's Online booking is that the Marketplace salon page takes customers straight to your Salon's profile page on the Marketplace (Timma.no & app). All the Marketplace booking features such as flexible payment methods and customer reviews are enabled when customers book through the Marketplace salon page link.

Online booking directs the customers to your salon's Online booking, without any of the Marketplace features like your salon's view on the map and reviews from other customers.

Use the link to your Marketplace salon page and let the Marketplace take care of the marketing for you ✨ !

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