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Timma's Marketplace is the easiest way to market your services for people nearby and get more new clients to your salon. However, if for any reason you wish your salon to be hidden from the Marketplace, it's easy to do so with just one click. You can choose to hide the whole salon from the Marketplace or hide just single users. Notice that if choose to hide the salon, single users won't be visible on the Marketplace, regardless of their individual user settings.

Note that by doing this action, your salon's profile will no longer be visible for customers on the Marketplace webpage timma.no or Timma's mobile app. You can anyhow change your mind any time you want!

Disable and enable the Marketplace settings at any point by following these simple instructions.

How to hide a salon from the Marketplace?

Uncheck the "Show your salon on the Marketplace" box and save your selection by clicking "save changes" in the bottom right corner.

Go to Company > Information > Marketplace settings

Done! Your salon is now hidden from Timma's Marketplace.

You can change your mind anytime and make your salon visible on the Marketplace again at any time by simply clicking βœ… the "Show salon on the Marketplace" box and saving the selection.

How to hide a single user from the Marketplace

In case you want to have your salon visible on the Marketplace, but hide certain users you can easily do so.

Go to Profile > Information > Marketplace

Unselect "Show user in the Marketplace" box and save the changes.

You can change the settings back and set the user visible on the marketplace at any time by clicking βœ…the "Show this user in the marketplace" box.

🚨 Note! If the salon is hidden from the marketplace, the individual users of the salon will not be visible on the marketplace either! Check the Marketplace settings under Company Information. 🚨

Timma's Marketplace makes marketing your salon easier than ever before, bringing in more bookings and filling out your calendar! πŸ’«

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