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User-specific settings

How to edit contact information, online reservation settings, worktimes and services for one user.

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This article lists all the settings that are related to a specific user. It concentrates on two different pages: Profile -page and Services > User services -page.

Editing the basic settings

The basic settings such as contact information are located in the Profile > Information -tab. Almost all users are able to edit their own information. The only exceptions are users with no login option.

It is important that contact information is up to date since we will send emails and text messages based on this information. Your personal contact details such as phone number and email are not visible to your customers. However description, title and nickname are shown to your customers in Online booking and in Timma’s Marketplace. If you have a business ID you should also add that.


In Profile > Information -page you can decide whether you want to be shown in the Marketplace or not. Read more from this article.

The setting looks like this:

The precondition is that you have a business ID shown in Company or Profile -page.

Additional settings

Additional settings are located in Profile > Information. Additional settings mainly include settings related to online booking reservations.

If you want to receive our emails to another email address than your account's login email you can change it by selecting Different address for booking emails field active. You can then define to which adress you want to receive emails from us.

Timemagnets can be useful if you don't want to allow customers book times in the middle of free time slots. Time magnets limit the available times that your customer can book from your online booking. It helps you to reduce gaps during workdays and make your time management more efficient. There are three time magnets to choose from:

Timemagnet (light) allows online booking next to existing reservation or next to start or end of a workday if the timespan is less than 4 hours.

Timemagnet (medium) allows online booking for the days with existing reservations only for times next to existing reservation or next to start or end of workday.

Timemagnet (strict) allows online booking for the days with existing reservations only for times next to existing reservation.

Setting the worktimes and vacations

Worktimes can be edited in three different places:

  1. Worktimes -page (only available for admin users).

  2. Calendar -page. This allows you to create single working days.

  3. Profile > Worktimes. This is the best choice when you are setting worktimes for more than few days. In this page you are also able to set vacations and other personal leaves.

You can set your workdays to be opened automatically. This means that the system will open a new day for Online booking during the midnight. You can define how many days forward your workdays are open.

Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up the worktimes:

  • Define your default working hours for Monday to Sunday. You can activate a specific weekday by clicking the button with abbreviation of the week day. Remember to press save for that box.

  • Select “Create automatically new worktimes” and choose how long ahead you want your online booking to be open. Note that automatic worktimes only work if your schedule is the same every week. Press save.

  • The dates in “Set worktimes” are automatically showing the correct dates according to the time period selected for online booking to be open. To set the automatic worktimes, you just need to press save in the third box.

You can also set up sick leaves, holidays or remove work times for any selected time period by changing the type from “Select type of period”. To set a schedule where every second week, odd, or even weeks are different select save times and choose the alternative. Example: Even weeks mo-thu, odd weeks tue-fri.

  • Set Default working hours for even week - Save - Select Save times for - Select Even weeks - Save

  • Set Default working hours for Odd week - Save - Select Save times for - Select Odd weeks - Save

Always remember to save after each step!

You can also set worktimes manually in the section below automatic worktimes. This is done by clicking the button with abbreviation of the week day and date and selecting the turquoise color. That means that the day is open. Red color means the day is closed. In the following time pickers you can select the start and end time of your day. Remember to save the worktimes every time before you click next month visible with the arrow buttons on the top of the worktimes section.

Hint! The default worktimes come from the Default working hours section. It will ease your work if those match your typical weekly working hours.

Rental chairs and cash register settings

Cash register selection in the User information box defines the company's reporting and cash balance your sales affect. Cash register selection lists the possible Business ID:s that you can be part of. Working as a rental chair is almost the same process as normal employee except you have to add your Business ID under Profile, and select the correct Cash register (your own) once you have saved your business ID.

Bank account number must be filled if you want the Timma credit payouts for your own bank account number.

User services

The last part of user-specific settings is to define which services you use. That can be done in the Services > User services -tab.

If the salon has already defined the service list in the Pricelist tab and you can just select the services that you use by activating in use checkbox from the left side of the list. After that you can check that the service settings are prices are correct.

Duration of the service includes both the time that service should take from the calendar (duration) and the time that the customer is present in the salon (for customer). If you for example offer a service that takes 45 minutes, but you need 15 minutes after that to clean the place you should select 60 min as a Duration, and 45 minutes as a Duration for customer.

If you have a service that offers you change to take a break from that customer and serve another customer you can add Duration of effect to a service. This Duration of effect could be for example when a hair color is drying. If you add the Duration of effect to a service you must also define when the effect time starts from the selection on left side. This setting can be activated on the Company -page.

Hopefully these instructions help you to find the right settings for you! 💜

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