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Getting started with Online booking

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Online booking

Online booking is a great tool to your salon as it allows customers to make reservations independently, wherever and whenever.

Online booking makes it possible for salons not to have to wait by the phone or email for reservations, but they can focus only on what is essential - i.e. offering the best hair, beauty and wellness services to their customers.

Online booking link

To find the salons online booking link go to Company > Information.

If you want the embedded online booking link for your website click "Embed". You can now see the iFrame code which you can copy.

If you need help with embedding the code please contact our Customer Happiness team.

Online booking settings

Go to Company > Information > Online booking settings.

Disable "anyone" option - when this setting in on it means that the customer must pick a professional in the online booking. When it is not selected the online booking shows the option "anyone".

Skip select person will randomly select the user for the selected service.

Enable multibooking in calendar - Enable multibookings in calender. Note! This does not enable multibooking in the online booking.

Enable multibooking in Online booking - Enable multibookings in online booking and Marketplace bookings (for customer).

Enable duration of effect for reservations - Duration of effect can be added to services that have phases that take time to have an effect.

Skip category selection hides the headlines from the categories and shows only the service names listed.

Show prices of services in Online Booking shows the price in the online booking and on confirmation email / SMS.

Show prices for additional services shows the price in the online booking and on confirmation email / SMS.

Show user specific prices in Online booking shows the price in the online booking and on confirmation email / SMS for specific user (users can have different prices).

Multiple language options in Online booking - Language options are: Finnish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Spanish.

Hide customer reviews - Enabling this setting will hide all customer reviews (star ratings & comments) showing at Marketplace page.

Services define the colors in calendar - Reservations in calendar have colors based on service, not based on user.

Require customer's address when booking - This setting applies only for Online booking.

The visibility of a user in online booking

The user can be hidden from the online booking without having to delete the user.

Go to Profile > Information > Hide from Online booking.

If there is no check in the box, the user is visible in the online booking. Please note that the services and working hours have to be set for the user first.


Go to Services > User services.

Choose the right user and click on all the services you want to show in the online booking. The settings are user-specific.

When everything is ready, click "Save changes" at the bottom of the page.

All services are visible in the online appointment booking, even if they are hidden - see the box for "Online". In this case, the customer will see the text: "This service is only bookable through the salon. Book this service by calling to the salon."

You might have services for internal use or services that you don't want to be available for online booking. If you want to hide some service from the online booking it must be done from the Services > Service list. Choose the right service and click "edit". Then choose "Hide from Online booking".

You can read more from the article User-specific settings.


The user must have working hours activated in order to be able to book appointments for them via online booking.

Go to Profile > Worktimes or add single days from the calendar by clicking the + -sign from the upper right corner.

See more instructions from the article New user onboarding.

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