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  1. Online booking

Online booking is a great asset to your salon and it gives your customers the freedom to book appointments from anywhere and at any time of the day.

Online booking will keep you from being tied to your phone/email for bookings and give you more efficient use of your time to do what you do best - to conduct the best hair, beauty and wellness treatments.

2.Online booking link

To find the salons Online booking link go to Company > Company information

If you want to embed the Online booking link for your website click See instructions for embedding the Online booking to your website here

If you need help with embedding the code, please contact our support.

3.Online booking settings

Go to Company > Online booking settings

Disable "anyone" option

Skip select person - Will randomly select from those Users who have activated this service after you have selected it in booking.

Enable multibooking in calendar - Enable multibookings in calender view. Obs! This does not enable multibooking in online booking.

Enable duration of effect for reservations - Duration of effect can be added to services that have phases that take time to have an effect.

Skip select category

Real pictures of categories

Show price

Show prices for additional services

Multiple language options in Online booking

Hide customer reviews - Enabling this setting will hide all customer reviews (star ratings & comments) given at Timma.no (a text saying "the business has chosen not to publish any reviews" will be shown instead)

Services define the colors in calendar - Reservations in calendar has have color based on service and not based on user.

Default language for Online booking page

Interval for reservation times - Interval for online booking.

Interval in minutes - Interval of calendar and online booking.

Interval in minutes - How long before the bookings does the online cancellation policy.

Text to Online booking - Reservation text will appear in the top of online booking page. Text will not be shown in embedded online booking page.

Online booking page color

Choose the settings and color you would like for your Online booking and click save changes

4.How to add or remove a user from Online booking

To add or remove a user from Online booking go to Profile > User information

Click the box Hide from Online booking to hide the user from online booking.

As long as the box is blank, the user will be available for online booking - if services and working hours are set up

5. Services

Go to Services > User services

Choose a user and then choose all services you want to offer trough Online booking.

This has to be done pr user.

When you are done choosing services for Online booking, click save changes on the bottom right.

All your services will be avaliable for Online booking, with exception of the services that are marked as Hide services from Online booking

If you have services for internal use or that you dont want to be availible for Online booking, you can hide them from the Online booking.
When adding/editing a service under Services > Pricelist, you can choose to Hide services from Online booking

See article User-specific settings for more information

6. Worktimes

For booking times to be visiable in the Online booking you need to have work hours set up in your calendar.

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