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This article goes through the statistics page, what the various statistics are and who can see them.

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On the statistics page you can see an overview of sales and worktimes. You can either view statistics for the whole salon or use the filters to choose one or more users.

Additionally if there are multiple salons you can see the statistics for the whole chain.

Who can see the Statistics page?

Administrators can see all statistics.

Users can see their own statistics.

Limited users can only see their own statistics.

If you want the Statistics of the whole salon to be visible to all user levels please contact Customer Happiness.

Statistics page

Choosing which users statistics you want to see

Administrators can see all users of the salon and by default all users will be selected. You can use the “Users” button to deselect users if you only wish to see statistics for a certain user, or users. Normal users and limited users can by default only see statistics for themselves.

Adjusting the time interval

You choose day, week, month, or year or a custom interval by pressing the calendar button. The graph below shows an overview of the bookings and sales of the selected time period.

Income sources

Income sources shows the percentage of total sales divided into Services, additional services, and Products. Gift cards are not considered in these percentages.

Gift cards

Gift cards shows the value of the gift cards sold and the value of gift cards used under the time period.


Quantity shows the amount of purchases (Receipts), the amount of Customers, and the amount of Bookings in the time period. A booking will be counted in both Bookings and Customers if there is a customer for the booking, if it is a booking without a name or any other information it will only be counted as a booking.


Sales shows the total and individual sums of Services, additional services, and Products for the time period.


Products Shows the total value of sales of products, the purchase price of the products sold and the Profit of these products (Sales - purchase price). Note the Purchase price is ex. VAT

Worktimes and Occupancy

Worktimes shows Workhours, Bookings, Breaks, Holidays, Overtime and Occupancy.

Workhours are calculated from daily work hours from which breaks are deducted. Note! Only the standard services of Personal and Lunch break are considered breaks for this purpose, so if you create a break service of your own those will not be deducted from Workhours.

Bookings shows the total hour of booking in the time period.

Breaks shows the total hour of breaks in the time period. Note! Only the standard services of Personal and Lunch break are considered breaks for this purpose.

Holidays shows the total days of holidays in the time period.

Overtime shows the total hours of overtime in the time period.

Occupancy is the ratio of workhours to bookings minus personal and work related breaks.

Immediate rebooking

Immediate rebooking shows the percentage of customers that have a new booking during the same day (during the booking or after it) or at most one day later.

Average Customer

Average purchase, shows the average value of a purchase.

Average length, shows the average duration of bookings.

Events in receipts, shows the average amount of products and services per purchase.

Buys additional services shows the percentage of customers that bought additional services.

Buys products, shows the percentage of customers who bought products.

Buy gift card, shows the percentage of customers who bought gift cards.

Distribution of revenues

Distribution of revenues shows the revenue of all service sales according to which category the service is in.


The leaderboard tracks service, product, and total sales, as well as occupancy. You can set goals for all and the total sales goal is calculated based on the goal of product and service sales.

Setting goals

You can set goals on this page, the goals can be set based on an hourly or monthly goal. Hourly goals will be scaled based on the time period selected above, as well as current and future worktimes.

Goals can be set for Service and Product sales, as well as for occupancy. If you don’t want to set a goal for some of these, simply leave it empty. For more information on occupancy see the Workimes and occupancy section of this article.

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