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This article goes through the different user levels in Timma Pro and their permissions.

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Different user levels

There are four different user levels in Timma Pro where you can choose from; Administrator, User, Limited user, Student. This article will go through the permissions and visibility of the different levels.


Admins have full access to all features of Timma Pro such as statistics and reports of the whole salon. Admins can change all settings for the whole salon and users.

Pages that are visible only to Admin:

Marketing, Internal invoices, Salaries, Contracts, Homepage.


Users are generally the user level for employees or rental chairs. This is the most common user level if you have a bigger salon with many employees or entrepreneurs because it is rather independent but does not have complete access for all the settings and pages. For example users can set their own worktimes but cannot see the revenues for other entrepreneurs (unless they have the same cash register).

Pages that are visible to User:

Calendar, Revenues, Products, Services, Customers, Company, Profile, Statistics, Feedback, Timma invoices, Marketplace, Payment terminal.

Limited User

Limited User is chosen if you want to add more limitations than in regular User. There are some limitations you may want to consider when choosing between these two. For example setting up their own worktimes.

Pages that are visible for Limited User:

Calendar, Revenues, Products, Customers, Profile, Marketplace, Statistics, Payment terminal, Feedback.


The student role is the most limited role. The intention of this role is to only use the calendar and this can also be further limited.

Because of the student status there are many limitations on what students can and can't do. Salon owners or Admin users must always take responsibility from the student users. For example students cannot set their own work times so the admin user has to do it for them. They can't see the customer register either.

For students we donโ€™t charge anything until they have graduated and thereby changed to User or Limited User.

Pages that are visible for Student:

Calendar, Profile, Marketplace, Feedback.

Sweden and Norway: Students can open and close cash register and take out reports for officials.

Most common functions for different user roles

Here you can see the table chart from all four user roles and what are their commonly used or asked functions.

Good to know

There are some permissions and restrictions that can be set or added to these user roles mentioned above.

Please contact Customer Happiness team if you are Admin user and would like us to set these settings or roles for you:

  • There is a user role called Group Administrator and that is possible if the salon is chained for other salons. The difference between Admin and Group Admin is that Group Admin is for chains and they can see statistics and revenues for all the salons belonging to the chain.

  • The Customer register can be hidden from Users and Limited Users.

  • Student roles can also be limited even further (Limited Student) so that they will only be able to see the calendar and booking information but not anything else of the above.

  • You can have the access for all users to see the statistics for the whole salon.

  • No login option can be set for for all user roles.

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