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How to remove a user

Administrators can remove users under the "Company" - "Users" tab. To the right for each user there is a red Delete button, by pressing it you can delete the user.

Click Ok to confirm that you want to remove the user.

When you remove a user, their calendar and all bookings disappear immediately. In addition, user reports and revenue from joint reports disappear. If necessary, we can restore these if you have accidentally deleted a user and need the previously mentioned info, contact our customer support!

You should only remove a user when all the user's sales reports have been taken out from Timma.
If the user has already stopped working in the salon, you can hide them from the online booking, calendar and websites via Timma's website builder. You can do this under "My Account" - "Visibility" for the user.

If the user also have a multiuser on the payment terminal, make sure to contact Nets to get the user removed from the payment terminal.

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