How to remove a user

This article will show you the steps to remove a user in Timma Pro

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The removal of a user is always done by the admin user. Admin users can delete other users from the Company > Users -page.

How to remove a user

Admin users can remove users under the Company > Users -tab. Each user has an edit and remove buttons. By clicking the red "X" you can remove a user.


Click "Okay" to confirm that you want to remove the user.

When you remove a user their calendar and all bookings disappear immediately.

In addition user reports, revenues or receipts do not disappear from the Revenues -page. The billing of a deleted user ends automatically to the end of the billing period according to the billing interval. If you delete the user in the middle of the billing period please contact our Customer Happiness team so we can make changes to the billing manually.

Restoring a user

If the user was removed by accident or the same user comes back working in the salon, we can restore the user. In these cases the admin user should contact us. All the data regarding the user can then be restored.

Hiding a user

If the user does not work int he salon anymore but you still want to keep the account open for reports and other data, f. ex. manually moving the bookings to some other system or calendar, you can hide the user from the calendar, online booking and Timma's webpage.

Go to Profile > Information and select the user from the dropdown menu. Click the desired settings on. Remember to press Save.

Removing the admin user

If the salon has multiple admin users and some of them want to quit using Timma the removal should be done by us. Please contact our Customer Happiness team. Admin user should ask for the removal of their account by email. We can not accept the notice of terminating the contract via phone. Please note that the email should be sent from the email address which is linked to your Timma account.

If the whole salon wants to stop using Timma you can read more here.

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