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This article will explain what resources are in Timma Pro and how to use them.

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How to setup a resource

Some of your services may require a specific room or machine. For this Timma has the resource calendar. If your salon has for example a room for massage and two people doing massages, Resources ensures that there won’t be a double booking even if the other user is available. You can follow the instructions below to start using Resources.

  1. Go to Company - Resources - Select the + button to add a resource (This can only be done by administrators)

Setting a resource to a service

Once you have added a Resource you need decide what services it applies to under the Services page. Use the Resource column under User Services for this. Remember to save changes once done. This must be done for all Users who use the Resource.

2. Go to Services - User Services to set which services you want to use this resource.

When these steps are done you have activated Resources. When a service uses a resource, the bookable time will automatically be excluded from online booking if that resource is already in use, thus eliminating double bookings. You can make double bookings for the resource if you so wish, but Timma will warn you when you try to make one.

You can view the use of the resource in the calendar by clicking the resource button, and selecting the resource resource. Bookings that use the resource are darker.

If you attempt to create a booking on the same time as an existing booking that uses the resource, Timma will warn you of a “clashing resource”.

If you select save after this, Timma will warn you once more that there is a clashing resource for this booking. You can then select Ok to create the booking.

What is a resource user?

A resource user is a user that functions as a resource, in that you can use them to block certain times of the day for certain services. For example if a hairdresser only want to do colorings in the afternoon they could use the resource user to block times in the morning.

Use of a resource user

  1. Go to Company - Users

2. Create a new user and select No login option. This will create a (free) resource.

3. Hide the resource user from Online Booking under Profile as pictured.

4. Go to Company - Resources, and create a resource for blocking times. In this example “Blocking”.

5. Go to Services - User Services, and select a break service from the Personal/Breaks category for the Resource user. Set Blocking as the resource for this service. Remember to choose the right person in User Services and save.

6. Change to your services in Services - User Services, and choose the resource for the services you want to block during certain times. Note that you can only have one

7. Add the service that was chosen for Blocking to the Resource users calendar during the times you want to block the services chosen above.

Pictured above “User” has blocked service Haircut and New hairstyle, with the service Block time for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, between 12 and 16.

NOTE! If you want to block the same times for the same days for a longer period of time, you can use the “Repeat or add others” button when adding to the calendar.

If there are multiple Users who want to use resource blocking it is easiest to create a resource user for each separately, unless you wish to block the same times and services.

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