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This article explains how Timma invoices work and what you can see and do on the Timma invoices page.

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The Timma invoices -page collects all your invoices from Timma and allows you to see more information regarding invoices.

Invoices are sent via email or electronic invoicing.

You can always find the invoices from Timma Pro under More > Timma invoices.

The page consists of two tabs; invoices and billings.

Timma invoices in general

On the Timma invoices -page you can see all your invoices, as well as open, download, or email the invoices. Furthermore you will also see which invoices are paid, or unpaid, and their due dates.

Who can see the Timma invoices -page?

The Timma invoices -page is accessible to Users and Admin users.

Users can only see their own invoices if they are a separate company, and the invoice is sent to their company. Admin users can see all invoices. You can read more about user levels here.

How to open or send an invoice from the invoices page?

Press the Download/send invoice button from where you can choose to open, download, or send the invoice.

How to read an invoice

Below you can see the example of Timma invoice (the language is Finnish).

It lists the different products and you can see the prices with and without taxes. This section also includes information about possible discounts for example if the total sum exceeds our maximum pricing (bigger salons).

  • Product (tuote) shows what is invoiced and for what time period.

  • Price (hinta) is the VAT free price of a single unit of the product.

  • Interval (aikaväli) is how often this product is invoiced.

Billings -page

On the billings page you can see the contents of your invoice, that is which users are invoiced, and for what products.

On the billings page you can see:

  • When the billing of a product started

  • The billing interval

  • Name of the product

  • Who is invoiced (payer)

  • Who the product is used by (payee)

  • The price (no taxes)

Please see country specific articles for additional information on this and other related topics.

What products can be seen on the Timma invoices:

  • Calendar

  • Cashier

  • SMS-reminder

  • One-off-SMS (f. ex. SMS sent from a cancellation)

  • Webpage

  • Domain

  • Payment terminal (Nets)

  • Integration (Nets)

  • Timma Pay

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