This article will show you how to manage the services of your salon, and how to manage User specific services, or differences they may have.

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The pricelist page is where you control what services you can use in the calendar, and what services are bookable by your customers. Services must be added to the Pricelist page before you can activate them for a User.

Timma has pre created the most used categories for you, however if you wish to add your own, then you also have a number of custom categories at the bottom of the page.

Adding and removing services

To add a service simply select the category you wish the service to be under and either choose from one of the premade services or click the “Create new service” button. Premade services already have a name and description, but if you wish to change them you may with the edit button. To remove a service select the blue checkbox next to the service name and confirm that you wish to remove the service.

Pictured above the settings you can change for a service after selecting Create new service, or editing an existing service.

Note! If you are using multiple languages the service must at least have a name in all the languages before you can save. Service descriptions are optional.

Service name is the name of the service.

Service Description is a short description of what the service includes (You can leave this field empty if you wish).

VAT, only change this if the service in question has a different VAT rate than standard.

Default price

This is the price that is displayed in Onlinebooking. Users can have different prices from this and this will be shown at the end after your customer has selected the User they want.

Default duration is the time the service takes from your calendar. Note that this can be longer than the time for the customer, but never less. The customer only sees the duration for customer when booking.

Default duration to customer is the time of the service shown to your customers.

Service visibility can be used if you wish to hide the service completely from Onlinebooking, then select this box.

Save service to:

Do not save service for use for users at this point - means that you only save and add the service to the pricelist and not to all the users in the account.

Save service for use for all users - You save and add the service to the pricelist and to all the users in the account

Note! When changing the price it is recommended to use the third option(Change price and durations to default values for all users that have this service in use). This will apply the changes you have made in the pricelist to all Users who have the service.

If all users have different prices / times for the service it may be easier to only save to pricelist and then manually changing (if needed) in User services.

How to add other languages for Services and Onlinebooking

To add other languages as alternatives or change or the main language of your Onlinebooking go to Company - Information - Online booking settings

Change Default language for Online booking page, if you want to change the first language offered in your Onlinebooking.

To offer other languages in your Onlinebooking first activate Multiple language options in Online booking. After which you can select the languages you want in Languages for Online booking. Remember to save when you are done!

Personal / Breaks

The personal / Breaks category is for services that you may want to use to block your calendar, and for services that count for Worktimes. For example Lunch Break or Holiday. These services are never visible in Onlinebooking.

Note! You can create your own services in this category, but only the premade ones will be counted in worktimes (e.g. Sick leave will only be counted if you use the premade Sick leave service. You can change the name if you wish though)

User services

User services is where you set user specific settings for your services. After you have defined the servicelist in the Pricelist tab, then you can select the services that you use by activating the In use checkbox from the left side of the list. After that you can check that the service settings are correct.

Note! Remember to check that you are making changes for the correct User.

Online determines whether your times are shown and can be booked for you in the salon’s Onlinebooking. If Online is deselected you won’t show up as an alternative when a customer is booking a time for the service.

Resource determines whether the service requires a resource. If a resource is selected then Timma will check for availability when booking the service. When a customer is booking the service online, and the resource is in use that time will not be shown. You can double book a resource in the Calendar, but Timma will warn you in the booking window when it’s happening. You can read more about Resources here.

Duration of the service includes both the time that service should take from the calendar (Duration) and the time that the customer is present in the salon (For customer). If you for example offer a service that takes 45 minutes, but you need 15 minutes after that to clean the place you should select 60 min as a Duration, and 45 minutes as a Duration for the customer. Note! Duration of the service can never be less than the duration for customers.

If you have a service that offers you a chance to take a break from that customer, and serve another customer, you can add a Duration of effect to the service. This Duration of effect could be for example when a hair color is drying. If you add a Duration of effect to a service you must also define when this time starts at the Effect start on the left side.

Duration of effect not showing? You can enable it in Company - Information - Online booking settings - Enable duration of effect for reservations.

Additional Services

Additional services are services that you can offer in addition to another service. They will be offered after a customer has selected a service in the Online booking, or you can add it yourself for a calendar booking, after you have selected a service.

  1. Go to Services - Pricelist - Additional Services choose “Create new additional service”

Note! Additional services apply to categories, so if you wish to offer the same additional service with multiple categories remember to add it to all of them.

Making this easier is the “Copy from old”, you can use this to copy additional services you have already added.

How to set additional Services

1. To set an additional service for all users. Go to Services - Pricelist - select Additional Services, use the set for all button.

2. Set individually. Go to Services - User Services, and select the user you want to set for, then select additional services. Select the additional services you wish to activate and press save. Repeat this process for all users you wish to activate additional services.

Note! Currently the time and price of additional services will be the same for all users.

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