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Changing the calendar view colors for users or services
Changing the calendar view colors for users or services

This article shows you how to set the new colors in your calendar view for either services or users. 🌈

Written by Milja
Updated over a week ago

You can change the colors for users or services that appear in your calendar view to make them stand out and make it easier to review your calendar. Select whether you want to change the color for each user or service.

Use the new color palette

Apply the new color palette to your calendar by clicking "new colors" on the calendar page. Select the colors you like from the new predefined color palette for either services or users.

You can change the calendar color theme back to the old colors from the Calendar Settings. However, please note that the old color theme will be fully replaced by the new one in the future.

Change the user-specific colors

Choose the new user-specific colors from Profile tab. Please note that you can change the new colors for either individual users or services.

Go to Profile > Information > Additional settings > Color in calendar

Change the service-specific colors

In case you want to choose service-specific colors, make sure to click first β€œServices define the colors in calendarβ€œ selection.

Go to Company > Information > Online booking settings > Services define the colors in calendar

After this you can change the service colors one by one by editing the services.

Go to Services > Pricelist

Edit the service settings by clicking the edit button on the right.

Choose the color you like and save the settings!

Enjoy the beautiful colors of the calendar view! πŸ€πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’›πŸ§‘

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