In this article, you will learn about the different functions of the Calendar page.

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Quick steps for using the calendar

The most important parts of the calendar are as follows:

  1. Making a booking: Click the calendar where you wish to book (select service in the window that opens) or drag a service from the menu to the left. Add a customer, or just press save to add the booking.

  2. Changing a booking: To change service open the booking and select service from the list. To move the booking either open the booking and change the date, time, or User. Alternatively, drag the booking to where you want it. Lastly, you can also use the Move button in the booking window (booking goes to the top of the Quick Menu).

  3. Taking a payment: Open a booking, and select Checkout, or go through the Cash register button, and select Checkout.

Calendar in depth

Making a booking

There are several ways to make a booking. Below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. In the calendar click the time spot, or drag the service from the Quick Menu to the time and date you want.

  2. A booking window will open. Make sure the date, time, and service are correct. Otherwise, you can use the arrows to change these. Regarding these settings see the section below (Booking info buttons).

  3. Write name/email/number, or select from the list if it is an existing customer.

  4. For existing customers you can see the Last reservation, and open the Customer card with the i-button.

  5. For any information you want regarding this specific booking you can write in the Additional info box.

Booking info buttons

In the booking info window you can do the following:

1. Change the date and time of a booking

2. Change Service(s) of a booking

3. Add or remove additional services

4. Change User

5. Select a resource

6. Add duration of effect to the booking

7. Make the booking a combo booking

8. Repeat the booking

Customer information

To select a customer you can either look for the customer through name, e-mail, or number if the customer is already registered.

πŸ’‘ Note! If you wish to add a new customer to your customer register you must include at least a name, email, or phone number. Adding just a name will not register the customer.

E-mail marketing and SMS marketing determine whether the customer will get marketing messages via e-mail or SMS.

Selecting Regular customer will mark the customer as a regular to the User the booking is currently on (shown with a heart symbol in the calendar).

Duration of effect

You can set a duration of effect for a service using the Add a duration of effect - button. This will create a gap in the duration where you or your customers can book services. You choose where the gap will start and how long it lasts with Effect start, and Duration of effect.

To always have a duration of effect for a service see the Services help article.

Combo booking

A combo booking is a booking with two or more services. These services can be booked to one User, or many different Users.

How to activate combo booking:

Go to Company > Online booking settings.

Select both "Enable multibooking in calendar" and "Enable multibooking in Online booking". Remember to press Save.

Of course, you can enable the multibooking feature only in the calendar if you want to.

β€‹πŸ’‘ Note! For the multibooking feature to work correctly you must have the updated version from the online booking. The new version does not have any pictures in categories. If you still have the old version from the online booking and you wish to update it please contact (the salon owner or Admin user has to do it) our Customer Happiness Team. The new version of the online booking does not cost any extra.

  1. To make a combo booking start by making a normal booking and then select the Combo booking + button.

2. After selecting Combo booking you get a list of all your services, and can now select the next service you want for the booking.

3. After selecting a second service, you must then select who the booking should go to. You can book the combo booking for the same User, or another User.

4. To remove or change any of the bookings first select the booking you want to change, at the top, and then either change the date, time, or service like normal, or to remove the service press the red X.

5. A combo booking will be denoted by having the same colored bar on the right side of the booking. If all services are on the same User you can move the booking like normal, but if services have been made to different Users they must be moved separately. Pictured below is a combo booking on a single User and two different Users.

6. Combo bookings are connected by default, if you want there to be a pause between each service, then you can do so by pressing the Lock symbol. This will unlock the connection and you can move the booking by changing the time in the booking window. You can then also move the booking in the normal calendar view like two separate bookings, but you must first disconnect them in the booking window to do so.

Combo bookings that are on different users work like normal bookings for moving around the booking.

Pictured below is an unlocked combo booking.

7. When a combo booking has services booked to different Users in the calendar, then these services will be automatically attributed to that User at the cash register when the booking is taken to checkout, as pictured below.


There are two ways to take a payment in the calendar.

  1. Through a booking (Open a booking, and select Checkout).

  2. Through the Cash register (Open the Cash register and select Checkout or Checkout without customer).

For more on the Cash register see the cash register article.

Repeating events

The repeat events button is useful if you have an event in your calendar that is always at the same time on the same day. For example lunch.

To repeat an event select the Repeat or Add to others button. You can then repeat the event for as many weeks as you want, select which days it should repeat on, and if you want to add it to other Users as well.

Blocking time

To block a time in your calendar simply place a booking on the time you wish to book. We recommend using the Personal service from the Personal/breaks category, or creating your own in this category, since using normal services will affect your work time statistics.

Changing colors in the calendar

You can change the color in the calendar to either have a color for every service or colors be taken from the User profile.

  1. For color by service make sure the Company - Online booking settings - Services define colors in the calendar is active. After which you can change color in Services. Read more on services here.

  2. For colors based on user you can choose color under Profile - Additional settings.

Booking symbols

Several symbols may be attached to a booking to give you a quick overview of a booking.

⭐️ Star - This booking is an online booking

πŸ’œ Heart - The booked customer is a regular customer of the user

πŸ› Bed - This booking uses a resource

€ Euro - This booking has been paid

↔️ Arrows - This booking was booked with the anyone option

βž• Plus sign - This booking has additional services

πŸ’¬ Speech bubble - There is additional information

🏷 Price tag - This booking is made from the marketplace

Note! Price tag does not mean the booking has been paid in advance. This does not show billed commissions either.

Calendar buttons

There are some buttons in the top right corner of the calendar that you can use for various functions.

  1. Add/remove day. You can use these buttons to add working hours to add or remove working hours to a specific day. We recommend you use Profile - Worktimes if you wish to add multiple days.

  2. Cash Registers (Hotkey F6). This button will open a window with all the cash registers in the salon.

  3. Resources. Use this button to select a specific resource to highlight in the calendar.

  4. History. This button will allow you to see all changes done in the calendar. For more on history see below.

  5. Worktime control. Specifically for those countries that require it. Here is where you confirm your working hours.

  6. Settings. Various settings for the visual look of the calendar, and how much it displays. For more on settings see the section below.


Through the history button, you can see any changes made in the calendar. There are many filters you may want to use to more easily find what you are looking for.

All users - Use this filter if you only want to see changes made to a single User.

All previous users - This is the same as all users, except it also includes users that have been removed.

All transactions - From this list, you can filter according to a specific action. These are as follows:

Opening time changed - Shows if the start of work time for a specific day has been changed.

Closing time changed - Shows if the end of work time for a specific day has been changed.

Booking moved - Shows if a booking has been moved. Note! A booking can only be moved in the salon, customers can never move a booking, only cancel it (provided this function is enabled).

Booking deleted - Shows bookings that have been deleted in the salon.

Canceled online - Shows bookings that have been canceled by the customer.


  • You can use the search bar to look for a specific customer name or User

  • Use the daily, weekly, or monthly views, as well as the arrows, or simply select a start and end date, to quickly find the period you are looking for.

  • You can sort the table by clicking on any of the filters at the top (Time of change, Event, User, Customer name, etc.). This way you can sort by alphabetical order, or in chronological order.

Calendar settings

The calendar settings window includes the following settings:

The frequency of displaying time slots

You can choose between 30, 20, 15, and 10-minute intervals pictured below. To change the interval below 15 minutes you must first change intervals in Company - Online booking settings. Note that 30, 20, and 10-minute intervals look the same, but change the shortest bookable time selection in the calendar.

Show colors in day-view

You can choose to show either a color chosen for services (Show default colors in the calendar) or colors chosen for users (show colors of the users in the calendar column).

Set the starting hour for the calendar view

This setting determines what is the first visible time in the calendar.

Set ending hour for calendar view

This setting determines what is the last visible time in the calendar.

πŸ’‘ Note! Your work times can differ from the first/last visible times in the calendar, and thus would not be visible, so we recommend you set the starting hour at one hour before your earliest start of the day, and the ending hour at one hour after your longest day.

Set the darkness level of the calendar grid

You can use this setting to change the darkness, and contrast of the days in the calendar. Pictured below are the three different alternatives from left to right default, dark, and high contrast.

Additional settings

Show weekends in calendar - Toggles whether Saturday and Sunday are displayed in the weekly, and monthly views.

Highlight opening hours - Changes whether the calendar shows a dark background or a light background during working hours.

Enable repeating reservations - Toggles whether the repeat button is available when you add a booking to the calendar.

Show overlapping reservations side by side in calendar - Pictured below with overlapping reservations side by side to the right.

Quick Menu

The quick menu is the list of services to the right of the calendar. This menu can be used to set your most used services for easy booking by dragging and dropping.

πŸ’‘ Note! When dragging a service from the quick menu it will show the duration as that which has been set in Pricelist, but the service will change to the duration if that has been set for the User (if it differs) after it has been dropped in the calendar.

To change the quick menu select the Edit button in the top left next to the calendar. This will open the Quick Menu pictured below.

πŸ’‘ Note! The maximum number of services in the Quick Menu is 24, so you may have to remove a service if you wish to add another.

To add or remove a service from the menu - Click the checkbox. A blue checkmark indicates the service is shown in the menu. Remember to save your change with the save icon on the same row.

Drag & Drop name - Determines what name is shown in the menu. A maximum of 14 characters is allowed for this. Remember to save your change with the save icon on the same row.

Arrows - The arrows can be used to change the order services shown in the Quick Menu. These changes are saved automatically.

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