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Setting up last minute and off-peak discounts
Setting up last minute and off-peak discounts

Here you'll learn how to set last minute and off-peak discounts to be visible on the Marketplace.

Written by Milja
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You’ve probably noticed that certain days and times of the week can be harder to fill with bookings. Timma's Marketplace helps you to fill those hard-to-fill last minute and off-peak times, helping your calendar to reach its full potential.

By activating last minute and off-peak times discounts, you can easily attract and reach new customers and expand your loyal customer base.

In this article we show you how to set and edit the last minute and off-peak discounts.

Setting up the Last-minute discounts on Timma Pro

Go to More > Marketplace > User settings > Last minute discount.

First you need to decide how many days ahead you want to show the available last minute times.

You can choose between 1 (current day) to 5 days. For example, selecting 2 days in the menu means that the will only apply to that day and the next day.

Setting up the discounts

When you have selected how many days you will give the discount for then you need to set the discount percent or price.

How to set up the same discount percent for all services?

Go to More > Marketplace > Discounts > Set discounts

Setting up the same discount percentage for all the services you want offer with last minute discount is the fastest and easiest way.

This way, all the services available on your Marketplace site will get the same discount percentage. You can use the same discount percentage on both Last-minute and Off-peak times, or choose a different discount percentage for each of them.

Remember to click those services on where you want to activate the discount.

Note! All services must have a price in the service list and in user services. Otherwise they are not visible on the Marketplace.

How to set a different discount percentage for different services?

Go to More > Marketplace > Discounts

You can choose any price manually for the service so there can be different discount percentages for each service.

Note! The highest discount percentage that can be set is -40%.

Remember to save your settings!

Setting up the off-peak discounts on Timma Pro

Offer off-peak discounts during quiet times to fill the times that would otherwise be left empty. You can choose to set off-peak discounts for every day of the week or only on selected days. Select the days you want to offer discounts and then times when you when Off-peak discounts are available.

Go to More > Marketplace > User settings > Off-peak discount

For example, in the picture above, Off-peak discounts are set for Monday and Tuesday between 10am and 2pm.

After this you need to select which services you wand to include in this off-peak-discount. Go to More > Marketplace > Discounts and click the services and choose the prices.

Fantastic! You have now set all your last minute and off-peak discounts!

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