What to do if confirmation email is not received

In this article we will go through the reasons why the confirmation email is not received.

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Confirmation email from the booked time is always sent automatically both to customer and salon via email. The email is sent right after the booking has been made. As an additional service you can choose SMS confirmation and SMS reminders. You can read more from here.

If the customer has not received the confirmation email we recommend you to check these things:

  • The customer has email address saved to their customer card. We recommend to gather as much information from the client as possible but the most important thing is name, email address and phone number. Please note that the salon is always the accountable controller of the customer register which means that the salon owns all the customer info and is responsible for updating them.

  • Check the spelling. The email cannot be sent if the email address is missing some letters or the address is written incorrectly for example Gmil.com or .con.

  • Ask the customer to check the spam and other folders. Some emails typically sort the emails into different folders such as “Other”, “Promotions” or “Social” etc. ”.

  • Confirmation email cannot be sent if the mailbox is full. Ask the customer to check their mailbox.

  • If the emails are usually going to spam folder the customer can save our email address so the mailbox knows it is legit sender. Confirmation email is sent from the address timma@timma.fi.

If you have checked all the previous steps and the customer still has not got the confirmation emails please contact our customer service so we can check the status from our email servers.

Sometimes there can be some kind of block or firewall so the confirmation email cannot be sent. In this case you can ask our customer service to reactivate the email address from our servers.

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