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What is marketplace feedback, and how reply to it.

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Responding to Marketplace feedback

The possibility to respond to reviews is now available on the Marketplace. This gives you the option to respond, and report inappropriate or offensive feedback given by customers from the Marketplace. Whether reviews are positive or negative, constructive replies from you will improve your communication with customers and build your salon’s reputation on the Marketplace.

You can access the feedback your salon has received from the Feedback page (More > Feedback). All the feedback received by the salon is visible to all users. Please note that only the User whom the service was booked for and Admin can respond to reviews.

Feedback page

The Feedback page consists of three parts: a timeline of all reviews and their ratings, an overview of all ratings and lastly the Feedback section where you can reply to or report individual reviews.

Writing a reply

To reply to a review select the reply button.

Once done with your reply simply press the Publish button. After you have posted your reply you can also edit it with the Edit reply button (for example if your reply has been Reported by someone, and you wish to change it), or remove your reply altogether with the Delete button.

Note! If you delete your reply, or your reply is reported and removed (against the rules of conduct) because of it, then you cannot write another reply for the review.

Pictured above a reply from the salon that has been reported by a consumer. When you edit your reply its reported status will be removed.

Reporting inappropriate or offensive reviews

Just like consumers can report your replies, you can also report a review if it contains content that you deem as inappropriate or offensive. If you are unsure whether a review fills these conditions see our terms of conduct for consumers.

Pressing the Report button will open the Report review window. Here you can mark the review as inappropriate, offensive, or other, as well as writing in your own words why this is the case.

After a review has been reported by you it will be marked with the red Reported flag pictured below.

Every reported review will be checked by the Timma Customer Happiness team. If a review goes against Timma’s Rules of conduct and your report is accepted then the review will be removed from the Marketplace. It will still be visible on your Feedback page, but will be marked with Report approved, and Hidden, meaning it won’t affect your Ratings.

Tips for replying to reviews

Replying to reviews from your customers is a great opportunity to show your professionalism. Not only to the customer you are replying to, but also to the potential customers reading the reviews.

Avoid denying the customer’s opinion or experience about the service, even when you feel a review is unfair. Offering to make it up to disappointed customers gives a signal to other potential customers that you care.

Understand that customers sometimes reflect on their experience afterwards and come to different conclusions. Even if those reflections may be different to what they said in the salon, they are still valid.

Avoid getting personal and commenting on the customer behavior. Even if it feels warranted, it will turn away potential customers reading the conversation, who don’t have the backstory to the dispute.

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