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All customers don’t immediately book a new time in the salon. You can now set a reminder for customers to book again, which will remind them to book again after a suitable time.

The reminder is sent as a SMS to the customer after the time you’ve chosen. In the message there is a link to your Online booking, from where your customer can easily book a new time. Before activating the reminder, remember to always ask your customer if they want to receive these reminder messages.

How to activate the book again reminder?

You can activate the book again reminder directly from a booking in the calendar. The book again reminder can be set for all past bookings, and those future bookings that have already been paid.

Open a booking and select the Remind customer to book again.

You can choose after what time the book again reminder is sent to the customer. Choose the desired number from the drop down menu, and from the menu after how many days, weeks, or months the message is sent. Choose the Set-button to save your choice.

The message is sent automatically to the customer at the time you’ve chosen. Only one message will be sent, so the reminder must always be set again after the customer has booked a time, or the book again reminder has been sent.

Note! The time for the reminder is always counted from the date it was set onwards.

E.g. If you set the reminder on the third day of the month, and choose a reminder time of 2 weeks, then the book again reminder will be sent to the customer on the 17th day of the month.

How to check set reminders?

Active book again reminders can be seen on all past and future bookings of the customer. Users can see the status, and date when the customer will receive the reminder.

You can also see from the customer’s customer card, if they have an upcoming book again reminder, as well as the history of sent messages.

You can also see from the customer’s booking history if a booking was made through the book again reminder. If the customer made the booking through the link from the SMS then it will show it on the booking with “Via book again reminder”.

Cancellation of the book again reminder

If you change the name, e-mail adress, or phone number in a booking, with an active book again reminder, then the reminder will automatically be canceled. Removing a booking will also cancel the book again reminder.

The reminder is also canceled automatically if a customer books a time before the book again reminder is sent.

How much does the book again reminder cost?

The price for the book again reminder is 0,08€ + VAT / sent message (see other language articles for country specific pricing). The payment is only charged for successfully sent messages.

Editing billing and the message template

Administrators can change the payer of the book again reminder via Company > SMS settings > book again reminder > Settings.

You can also edit the message sent to customers in Company > SMS settings.

Great! You now know how to set book again reminders! ✨

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