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Nets payment terminal

Here you will find information and answers about payment terminals from Nets

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If you would like to order a payment terminal from Nets, contact our support and we will help you choose the correct payment terminal for your needs.

  1. Reconcile

  2. Connecting the payment terminal to Timma

  3. Problem with payment terminal

  4. Additional settings

  5. How to refund a payment

  6. Multibank

  7. Checking Nets ID

  8. Merhcant card

If you have an integrated Nets payment terminal, you will find your Payment terminal page under More -> Payment terminal

1. Reconcile

How do I reconcile the payment terminal?

Go to More -> Payment terminal and click the button Reconcile

Note! This has to be done per user on the payment terminal if you have several users on the terminal.

Remember to check that the amount on the payment terminal is the same as in the report for the day.

2. Connecting the payment terminal to Timma

The integration of payment terminal to Timma is done by our support team.

Please contact your support team.

Which terminals can be connected to Timma?

We can integrate the following Nets terminals to Timma.





Lane 3000

3. Problem with payment terminal

If you are experiencing problems with your payment terminal please try to restart the terminal by holding in the yellow button and the "." button at the same time for 5 seconds.

If the problem continues, please contact our support team for help.

4.Additional settings

Here you will be able to add additional settings for the payment terminal

Disable payment terminal integration - To remove the connection between payment terminal and Timma

Print via an external (receipt) printer - To have the receipt to come from a receipt printer instead of the terminal

Print customer's receipt automatically - To always print when a sale is done

5. How to refund a payment

Sometimes you need to do a refund or correct the receipt. Here is the instructions how to do it.

If the transaction has been paid through a calendar booking, search the booking and open it.

If the transaction has been paid without a calendar booking, go to Revenues -> Revenues. Open the receipt.

Click the Refund payment button to cancel the payment and confirm it by clicking Ok.

To make a new payment for the same customer, click the "New payment" button. If you wish, you can display the original receipt by clicking on the arrow symbol on the top of the receipt.

Please note that refunds and new payments will always be posted on the day they are made. Receipts in the past cannot be edited, without making a refund first and then creating a new payment transaction.

6. Multibank

It is possible to add several accounts to the payment terminal.

This allows the payment per user / a specific user to go to their own business account.

To order multibank, contact our support team.

7.Checking Nets ID

To check your nets ID, drag the merchant card in the payment terminal and press 1 1

A note will come out of the terminal with your nets ID.

8. Merhcant card

When you receive a payment terminal, you will get a merchant card.

It is important to take good care of this, as it is used if problems should arise with the terminal.

Keep your merchant card in a safe place near the cashier or in the cash drawer.

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