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Getting started with Timma Pay -terminals
Getting started with Timma Pay -terminals
Written by Osmo Maksimainen
Updated over a week ago

Inspect the package

Check the terminal package and make sure that the seal is intact. If the tape is faulty, contact the Timma Customer service.


Take the terminal out of the box. Connect it to the charger with the provided cable. You can find the cable input under a silicone hatch located on the left side of the terminal. Start charging the terminal by connecting the charger to an electrical outlet.


Open the receipt roll hatch on the top of the terminal. Insert the roll so that you can pull the paper below the roll towards yourself. Close the hatch and cut off the paper by pulling the paper away from yourself.

Turning terminal on

To turn the terminal on press the power button for a couple of seconds until the screen turns on.

Connecting the terminal

After the terminal has turned on, connect it to the Wifi by using the following steps.

  1. Tap the blue button with an arrow

  2. Connect the terminal to Wifi by tapping the + button at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Turn on the wifi

  4. Choose your store on the wifi list

  5. Write your wifi password and tap connect

  6. Tap the return button at the bottom of the screen)

Confirming the store

After connecting the terminal, it asks you to confirm your store. Your store should be preselected already. If the preselected store is not yours, contact the Timma customer service.

Activating the terminal

After you have finished the settings, the terminal needs to be activated from the Timma Pay -page of Timma Pro. Please insert the last six digits of the serial number.

  1. You can find the Timma Pay page under the “more” menu on the navigation bar

  2. Find your store from the screen and press “Open setup”

  3. Confirm that you have received the terminal by pressing “Mark as delivered”

  4. Activate the terminal by inserting the last six digits of the serial number to the field on the page. You can find the serial number on the backside of the terminal or from the terminal’s box.

  5. Confirm the activation by pressing “Finish setup” from the bottom right corner of the view

Taking the first payment

You can control the terminal directly from Timma Pro. When you have activated the Timma Pay terminal and selected card as the payment method in cashier, the payment is transferred automatically to the payment terminal.

You can find the contactless payment from the top part of the device and chipcard reader from the bottom of the device. For the first payment, please take a test payment of 1 EUR and refund it. If this fails, please update the software. If it fails after the update, please contact our customer support.

Updating the terminal

Let the terminal do a software update. The terminal should update itself automatically, but you can update it by following the next steps:

1) Open "Settings"

2) Choose "Device info"

3) Press "Software version"

The terminal will start looking for the software update and you can download it by pressing "Download". The update will start automatically after it has been downloaded. The update will take 20-30 minutes.

That’s it! You can start using Timma Pay now! 🤩

If you have any questions, please contact Timma customer service.

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