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What to do if Timma Pay terminal does not work
What to do if Timma Pay terminal does not work

In this article you'll find help for using Timma Pay and restarting it, if the device doesn't work, or doesn't accept payments.

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If Timma Pay isn’t reacting to anything, the screen has frozen, or the payment terminal is not accepting payments we recommend restarting the terminal.

Instructions for restarting

  • Press the power button for a few seconds and choose “Reboot”.

  • If the payment terminal does not react in any way and you know there is battery left, keep the power button pressed for 45 seconds. The payment terminal should restart.

  • Also restart Timma Pro or refresh the page.

You can try the following steps, if restarting doesn’t help:

1. Timma Pay is on and it has power

If the payment terminal is not ON, power it up from the power-button on the left side.

It’s possible that the battery is empty, if Timma Pay doesn’t start. Plug the payment terminal to its power cord, and let it recharge for at least 10 minutes.

Note! Always use the electrical grid, that is a power source from a socket, because a cord connected to a computer does not charge the terminal effectively enough.

If Timma Pay does not start at all despite charging it, disconnect the payment terminal from the charging cord, and remove the battery from the device and insert it again. The battery is located on the back side of the payment terminal.

2. Timma Pay is connected to the internet

Click the "Settings" menu on the start screen of Timma Pay.

Go to ”Network” and input the access code. You can find the access code on the Timma Pay page in Timma Pro.

Select “Wi-Fi” and check that the wireless connection is connected.

3. Test the connection

Go to More > Timma Pay. When the page is opened it will show you automatically the status of the connection.

If the connection is lost or the payment terminal is disabled it will look like this:

When you click "Troubleshoot" is will try to connect the terminal again automatically.

4. Do a diagnostics test on the payment terminal

Select Settings > Diagnostics from Timma Pay’s start screen.

Under Network are three options: PSP-connection, Terminal API, and Endpoints.

Each of these should be selected one after another.

All tests should show green, if any of the tests show red, then the terminal should be restarted.

5. Try with another device

If taking a payment failed, try taking a payment with with another device. Timma Pay can be used with any device that has Timma Pro, so a computer, a tablet, or a phone.

If any of the aforementioned steps did not work, and Timma Pay still doesn’t work please contact our customer service by phone or by email.


+358 9 8567 6990


+46 8 402 09 29


+47 22 12 00 19

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