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Making a refund from payment made with Timma Pay terminal
Making a refund from payment made with Timma Pay terminal

In this article we show how to make a refund receipt of a Timma Pay card payment, without returning the payment to the customer,

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Refunding a card payment made through Timma Pay will automatically return the money to the customer’s card. Therefore, to make a refund you don’t need the physical card.

Sometimes there are situations where something needs to be fixed in a receipt. For example, the income has gone to the wrong User or there’s the wrong product on the receipt. In cases like these you need to make a refund and create a new receipt. It is not possible to create a partial refund or refund a single row in Timma’s cash register. If the salon is using Timma Pay, then integration should be temporarily disabled during the refund, so the payment doesn’t return to the customer’s credit card.

💡Note! The settings on the Timma Pay – page are device specific, so the integration needs to be inactivated on the device where the refund is being made.

Instructions for creating a refund without payment terminal intergration:

Go to More > Timma Pay > Settings.

  1. Check the “Temporarily disable payment terminals”. Remember to save.

2. Go to the calendar or Revenues > Revenues – page and find the receipt to refund. Open the receipt and select “Refund payment”.

3. Select “Ok”.

4. The system will create a refund receipt 1/2.

Select “New payment”.

5. Fix the payment with the correct information, for example, the correct product or choose who is the seller. When all the information is correct select ”Confirm payment” > ”Okay”.

Now the refund receipt, and the new payment have been created and the receipt view should show receipts 1/3, 2/3 ja 3/3.

6. Reconnect the payment terminal integration by going to More > Timma Pay > Settings and remove the checkmark from “Temporarily disable payment terminals”.

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