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Quick manual and FAQ for Timma Pay -terminals
Quick manual and FAQ for Timma Pay -terminals

Quick manual for Timma Pay terminal and frequently asked questions.

Written by Osmo Maksimainen
Updated over a week ago

Using Timma Pay

Turning the device on

Press the power button for a couple of seconds. If the device doesn’t turn on, please charge the battery.

Charging the battery

Plug in the USB-C cable. Connect the cable to a power adapter. Battery should last at least for one working day, but we recommend that the device is plugged in all the time.

Red = Power Button

Green = Charging port


Accept normal thermal rolls, size 57x37. To insert/change paper, check the following instructions.

There are marked spots on both sides of the device. Press both of them and lift up. Insert the roll in the following way. Close the lid afterwards.

Tear the extra paper by pulling it to the top left.

Taking payments

Control the terminal directly from the Timma Pro. Accepts Visa and Mastercard. Contactless and a chip can be used. There is also a magnetic stripe option available, but we do NOT recommend taking any payments with it as it is not as secure as the other options. In case of chargeback/dispute, the sum could be deducted from your account.


Refunds will be done from the Timma Pro. Card doesn’t need to be inserted into the terminal. Refunds only can be done fully as Timma doesn’t support partial refunds yet. If you need to give a partial refund, refund the original amount and create a new payment with the discounted sum.

Open the receipt view and click “Refund payment”

You will get a confirmation window.

Pressing OK will refund the payment.


Reports can be accessed from the Revenues-page. Timma Pay Payout Report can be exported there. As it takes some time to process the payments, reports are updated once a day and the report might not contain the data from the day before. It can take up to three or four days to process the payments.


Payouts are done weekly (or daily). Each payout costs 0.20e and it will be billed separately. Payouts are done automatically.


Setting menu code can be found from the Timma Pay -page. Under the settings menu the user is able to change check device information, change connectivity options or change the brightness of the screen.


Transactions menu code can be found from the Timma Pay -page. From here you are able to see the latest transactions, statistics and print totals.

Under history you can see all transactions that have gone through the device.

From totals you can see the totals from the transactions.

You can print the totals from the “Print” icon on the lower right hand corner. You can reset the totals from the “Reset” icon on the lower left hand corner. Please note that reset can’t be undone.


How to check if the terminal is on?

There are a couple of ways to check this.

  • Use the “Test terminal connection” button in the Timma Pay-page.

  • If the terminal is not plugged in, press the power button once. Screen should turn on. If it doesn’t, plug in the charger and wait for a couple of minutes. After this, press the power button for a couple of seconds.

  • If the terminal is plugged in, the screen should be always on. If the screen is not on, press the power button for a couple of seconds.

How to check connectivity?

  • Use the “Test terminal connection” button in the Timma Pay-page.

  • Check that the terminal has internet connection. If using WLAN, use another device to verify the connection.

How to reboot?

  • Press the power button for couple of seconds and choose “Reboot”

  • If the terminal is not responding and it has battery left, press and hold the power button for 45 seconds. This should hard-boot the terminal

How to charge the battery?

Plug in the USB-C cable to the terminal and the power adapter. Please use the cable and adapter that came with the terminal. You may use other cables and adapters as well, but they might not charge the battery as fast as the original ones. Power LED is red when charging, green when the terminal is fully charged.

How can I check if the payment has gone through or not?

  • Use the “Latest transaction” button in the Timma Pay-page. It will show a “merchant receipt” of the latest transaction.

  • Open the “Transactions->History” menu from the terminal. From there you can see a list of transactions.

  • If Timma Pro has the receipt generated, payment has gone through

If you can see from the terminal that the payment has gone through in the terminal but in not in Timma Pro, you need to do following steps:

  1. Open Timma Pay-page and disable integration with checkbox

  2. Open the reservation and choose a new card payment. This step will generate the receipt.

  3. Contact support with the receipt number. We will link the receipt to the corresponding transaction.

  4. If you need to refund this kind of transaction, it can’t be done before the transaction has been linked.

How do I make the End of Day?

End of day will be done automatically at 0400. If you need to print daily totals, you need to do it manually from the “Transactions” menu.

Open the “Transactions” menu from the icon. Choose “Totals” and enter the access code. From this screen you can see the timeframe, list of transactions and total sums. From the “Print” icon on the bottom right corner, you can print the totals. From the “Reset” Icon” you can reset the time frame.

How to get support?

Please contact our support.


+358 9 8567 6990


+46 8 402 09 29


+47 22 12 00 19


+37 251 79976

I dropped the terminal and is not working any more

Please contact our support and we will send you a new terminal.

Why haven't I received my money?

Payouts are done once a week by default. This can be changed to daily, but be aware that each payout will cost you 0.2e.

Why can't I take payments?

In order to take payments, you have done following steps:

  1. You must have Timma Pro with cashier system

  2. You have signed the merchant agreement and provided know-your-customer information.

  3. You have received the Timma Pay terminal.

  4. You have powered the terminal, connected it to the internet and boarded it to your store.

  5. You have activated the use of Timma Pay from Timma Pay -page.

  6. You have tested the terminal connection by pressing the “Test terminal connection” button from the Timma Pay -page.

If you have done all the steps mentioned above and “Test terminal connection” shows green, but still can’t take any payments, please contact CuHa.

If you have multiple terminals connected to the same cash register, please make sure that you're setting yourself as the cashier in the cash register. Otherwise you might end up taking payment from someone else’s terminal.

Why (customer) credit/debit card does not work?

Timma Pay currently supports Visa (Debit and Credit), Mastercard (Debit and Credit). If a customer enters the wrong PIN-code, the terminal will give an error message about this. Same happens if the customer doesn’t have enough balance in their account.

What to do if my payment has gone to the wrong account?

If the customer is still present. Refund the original sum and take another payment with the correct account. If not, use internal invoicing.

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