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Have I paid my invoice?

See the status column on invoices page, if the status says paid the invoice is paid. Note there may be a delay of a few days before the payment shows as paid in Timma.

Where is the account number for payment?

Lower left corner of the invoice

I can’t find my invoice

- You can download it on the invoices page

- Check your junk mail

- Check the e-mail address

- Use the send button on invoices page

If you still don’t receive the invoice contact Timma Invoicing at:

Can I get more time to pay the invoice?

Yes, contact Timma support

What if I have paid my invoice multiple times?

Extra payments will automatically be deducted from the upcoming invoices, or you can contact Timma support and we will make a repayment. Information needed is when the extra payment was done and what account the repayment should be made to.

Where can I change invoicing address?

Invoices are only sent via e-mail. You can change the e-mail with the following:

For salons: Company – Contact details – Invoicing e-mail

For users: Profile – User information – Invoicing e-mail

I have already paid my invoice, but it still says it’s unpaid

It may take a few days before the payment shows up on our account.

How can I change payment intervals for invoices?

Contact Timma support

We want everyone to receive their own invoice

Contact Timma support for changes to Invoicing

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