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Making an inventory in Timma Pro
Making an inventory in Timma Pro

Here are the instructions for making an inventory in Timma Pro.

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It would be a good idea to make an inventory of all the products a couple of times a year so that the stock value and product balances remain up-to-date.

Making an inventory practically means counting all products and materials owned by the company. The inventory must be done before the end of the financial year. The value of the inventory on the last day of the financial year is included in the financial statements.

The inventory is made in Timma by counting the products manually and after that, the amount of products calculated is compared to the amount of products on the Products page.

Instructions for making an inventory:

  1. Go to Products > Inventory.

  2. The easiest way to make an inventory is to print the Product List or use a tool/program on a computer or tablet that allows you to read and edit the document.

    There are a few different button options: Download or send PDF, Print, or CSV. Any of these will do. (CSV perhaps shows the lines most clearly, which is perhaps useful in the calculation phase, so that the lines do not get confused.)

  3. When all the product units have been counted in the salon and their up-to-date units have been found out, any corrections should be made to Timma by comparing the balances. Edits are made using the Storage operations tools on the Products page.

  4. If there are more products than the balance shows β†’ Add.

    In the example below, 1 product is added for the units.

  5. If there are fewer products than the balance shows β†’ Mark loss.

    Products that are, for example, broken or out of date can also be marked as lost.

  6. When all products have been reviewed, the inventory is ready!

The updated amount of the inventory value is immediately visible on the "Inventory value" tab.

If that tab is clicked open, the inventory value there is always updated during the night.

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