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Gift cards and pre payments
Gift cards and pre payments
In this article, we will guide you through giftcards, online giftcards and pre payments.
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In Timma you can activate online payments for your salon.

Online payments enables the salon to sell gift cards online as well as recieving payments for online bookings.

1.How to sell a giftcard from your salon

2.How to take a payment using giftcard as payment method
3.How to set up online giftcards and/or pre payments for your salon
4.Giftcard report

1.How to sell a giftcard from your salon

To sell a giftcard from your salon, follow these simple steps:

Click on the Cash register icon in your calendar

Choose Checkout with customer, fill in the customer information and click Checkout

Click the giftcard button and choose the amount for the giftcard

You are now ready to choose the payment method for the giftcard and press Confirm payment

The giftcard code will appear on the reciept.

You will also be able to put in any additional info for the giftcard if needed.

2.How to take a payment using giftcard as payment method

After listing the services and products the customer should pay for, choose giftcard under payment method

In the search field start to type either the giftcard code or the name registered to the giftcard.

Click on the giftcard information that comes up to choose the giftcard

If the giftcard value does not cover the whole sum - Choose wich payment method will be used for the remaining sum and click Comfirm payment

You have now successfully taken a payment with giftcard as a payment method.

3.How to set up online gift cards and/or pre payments for your salon:

Go to Company -> Web payments

Click "Create an account for payments" and follow the instructions from our service provider Stripe.

Note! It is important that you add the correct information about your salon.

If the information does not match the company registration of your salon, this will not be accepted by Stripe

After creating a Stripe account, fill in the company's bank details and enable online gift card at the bottom of the Online Payments page, “Enable online giftcards” and "Save changes"

Choose wich of the services you want to provide for your customers and click save changes

For more information about each service, press the bubble

You will find the Iframe code and the online gift card link by clicking "How embed giftcards?"

The Iframe code allows you to embed online gift cards on your website, either by yourself or through a website provider.

You can also share the link for online giftcards on your social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

You are now all set for Online gift cards!

4.Giftcard report

To find the giftcard report go to Revenues > Giftcards

You will find all your giftcards listed and you will have full access to when each giftcard are bought, when they expire ect.

Press desired button to download the report,print report or send the report

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