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This article shows how to use the Internal invoices page in Timma Pro

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You can find internal invoices under More - Internal invoices

What is an internal invoice?

An internal invoice is an invoice between the salon and another User, that is also a company. On the Internal invoices page you can set a monthly recurring invoicing, or create one off invoices.

Note! This means you can only create an internal invoice if the User has a different business ID, that is it is another company than the salon, but you cannot do this between two User.


The settings part of internal invoices let’s you set monthly recurring costs, or provisions, these are:

Marketplace provision

Marketplace provision applies to bookings that are done through the Marketplace, and are subject to commission.

Work provision

Work provision is applied to services where the User is the seller.

Product Provision

Product provision can either be applied to product sales where the User is the seller, or where the User is the cashier. Note that differing from services, for products the seller is the owner of the product.

Note! For all provision settings you can decide whether they should be calculated from the list price or if any possible discounts should be considered.


Other options include a monthly rent. Editing this you can choose whether the sum you input excludes VAT or is VAT included.

The Internal purchases option will automatically include any Internal purchases done by the User in the time period for the invoice.


Under address you can write the address of the recipient of the invoice.


You create your invoices in the Report section of Internal invoices. When creating an invoice the standard time for it is always set from the first day to the last day of the month. You can also set the time period yourself if you wish by clicking on the calendar button by the dates.

Normally the invoice view is separated into Salon pays to user and User pays to salon, this will also create two separate invoices. Should you wish to combine these select Combine invoice, then payments to the user will be deducted, or payments to the salon will be deducted if the final invoice would be to the salon instead of the User.

Once you are done with adding any additional incomes to the User or to the Salon you can use the Create invoice button to create the invoice. Income to the user is something the salon pays to the user, and income to the salon is the user paying the salon.

You will find created invoices under Internal invoices - Invoices.

Under the Invoices tab you can see all created invoices. Selecting the Show button for an invoice allows you to: Through the Download report button you can Download, open, or send the document, and the other buttons can be used to Void the invoice or Mark it as paid.

Note! Internal invoices do not show up in your Reports on the Reports page, and as such must be dealt with separately when bookkeeping.

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