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This article will go through the requirements of a webpage followed by the different parts of the Homepage builder page in Timma Pro.

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What do you need for a homepage?

For a homepage you will first need a domain name, for example, timma.fi, timma.se, or timme.no, these three are all separate domain names.

You can check if a domain is available by typing it in your browser, and if a webpage does not open then it’s generally available. Timma can then buy the domain for you. Note that each domain name incurs a yearly cost. Check with our Customer Happiness team about what the cost in your country is.

If you want to order the homepage and domain from Timma, please be in contact with our Customer Happiness or Sales team.

Creating the homepage and settings

When you have ordered the homepage and possible domain it's time to set up the settings.

You can edit the theme, texts, and pictures by going to More > Homepage.


The theme tab contains a general setting for your homepage. These settings either change the look of your homepage or change some functions.

To preview your webpage click the "preview" button.

Picking a theme

The theme determines the overall look of your webpage. You can choose between Smarty, Simple, and Focus. Note that we currently only update Smarty, so we recommend you choose it.


Keywords are what Google and other search engines use to find your webpage. Use this to add the 5-10 words most relevant to your business.

Webpage title

Webpage title is what is shown first when doing a Google search above all of the other information on your webpage.

Webpage description

Webpage description is where you can write a short description of your webpage (max 170 characters). This will show under the webpage title in Google search results as pictured below.

Webpage font

Webpage font determines the font that is used on your webpage.

Navigation bar color

The navigation bar is the bar that follows you when you scroll on the webpage and allows you to jump to different sections of the page. This setting determines the color of the bar.

The main color for the webpage

The main color changes the overall color of your webpage if you use a theme other than Smarty.

Font colors and background image

Font color change your font and background color if you use a theme other than Smarty.

Additional code

Additional code can be used to add custom javascript code to your webpage, for example, to add custom Google analytics code. For an easier option, you can contact Customer Happiness and we will help with premade Google analytics for your webpage.


Under More > Homepage > Images you can choose two pictures that will rotate on the front of your page.

You can choose from a set of general pictures we have provided, or from all the pictures you have uploaded yourself under Company > Information > Photos.


Go to More > Homepage > Texts.

The texts section is where you decide what texts you want on your homepage. The texts may vary a bit regarding what theme you have selected.

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