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Timma's new marketplace (Timma.fi & Timma mobile app) will be here soon! We have made major improvements to Timma based on your requests.

We can finally reveal that the new Timma will be here on Monday, June 7, 2021! On the same day, you will also get to see our new inspiring visual identity.

Get ready for the spotlight, as your salon and all the users will appear in Timma right after the release. This will make finding your salon even easier for thousands of people using Timma.

Starting to use the new marketplace doesn't require any special measures. However, check out a few important settings to make sure they work the best for you. If you wish, you will also find instructions for hiding the salon or an individual user from Timma's Marketplace.

You can navigate to the instructions here:

What is the new Marketplace?

Timma's marketplace (Timma.fi & Timma mobile app) is the easiest way to market your salon and connect with customers who are looking to book hair and beauty treatments online.

Check these two marketplace settings:

We have made it easier to manage your marketplace settings in Timma Pro. You can now find all settings conveniently in one place on the Marketplace page.

1. Add bank account number for automatic Timma credit paybacks

We will automatically refund all used Timma Credits to your account each month. Choose whether you want the paybacks directly to the salon's bank account or to the account of an individual user, such as a rental chair.

πŸ‘‰ See instructions here

πŸ’‘ What is a Timma credit?

Timma Credit is a balance that your customers can earn with discount codes funded by Timma or Timma gift cards. Credits can be used to pay for the services reserved through the marketplace. The service can be paid online or at the salon. Used Credits will be deducted from the service price at the booking stage. We automatically refund all used Timma Credits to the selected recipient each month.

2. Select a marketplace commission payer

By default, the payer of the Marketplace Commission is the same as the payer of the Timma invoice. The administrator of the Timma account can change the payer by changing the settings in Timma Pro.

πŸ‘‰ See instructions here

How does the Marketplace Commission model work?

We never charge commission, when in the booking stage

❌ The customer is registered in the customer register of your salon

❌ A new customer* arrives directly at your salon’s marketplace page via Google, a direct link, or your own social media accounts

❌ A new customer* finds your salon directly through the marketplace search function by searching for the salon name

The commission is charged only when

βœ… A new customer* finds your salon directly via the map of the Timma.fi website or Timma mobile app.

In the future, prepayments will be voluntary and therefore the commission will be invoiced retrospectively and will not be deducted from the payouts.

* A new customer means a person who ha not visited your salon before or has not made a reservation in the past three years.

Don't want visibility in the new Timma? πŸ˜”

If for some reason you want to hide your salon or an individual user from the marketplace, you can do so by changing your settings. However, you can change your mind at any time and easily set your salon to be visible on the marketplace again!

πŸ‘‰ See instructions for hiding a user or your salon here

NOTE! If you hide your salon from the marketplace, the individual users cannot be found on the Timma.fi website or in the Timma application either!

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